We are fuzz lovers.

We are Vera & Joana, and we created FUZZYEYE not only for you but for your children, grand-children... We believe we are creating the vintage for the future generations, that piece that you found at the end of your dad's closet and feel so proud to use it, 'cause you know it has so many stories to tell. We are not selling only clothes, we are selling emotions, shows, travels, music, love, dreams (...). We wanted to create something inspired in the 60's & 70's psychedelic rock music scene and then add our own new and fresh twist. We wanted to create something that was different from everything else, something that is not trendy but is the expression of your inner self. That's why our leather goods (except the belts) are unique, we don't make two of the same. We are very passionated of what we do, our products are carefully designed by us and made in Portugal by craftsman and local manufacturing, under our eye. We believe and are proudly committed to fair trade. This is not just a clothing brand, it's a way of living with passion, love and lots of fuzz.

with all of our love, for fuzz lovers.

 Vera & Joana // 2018