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Aiming for a better world!

Our leather products are handcrafted from post-production waste, rejected leathers from massive productions and old leather that are out of fashion. That's also why our products are unique and we barely make two of the same. We don't produce leather, we don't buy it new. We work with what we can find. Basically we are using the leather that otherwise would have gone to waste. Because of this, our products are not only exclusive, unique and have a soft worn-in feel – they are also a more sustainable alternative to newly produced leather garment and plastic-based faux leather. We are very far from being mass production business, fast fashion concept, we never aimed for that, in fact we are very...

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Beach, pool and lots of fuzz!

The fuzz called us and we went to the most special summer ritual: Sonic Blast Moledo! The sun, the sea, a pool and lots of fuzz! We had a totally great time meeting some old and new friends, watching to cool bands from psychedelic/stoner scene and having a BLAST! We are going to SonicBlast since the 3rd edition (I think?) and we always go there cause it’s not just a festival, it’s like a big family meeting.     SonicBlast Moledo is the best festival in the world, trust me. Next Edition is gonna happen 9th-10th August 2019. Make sure you won’t miss it!  photos by Bruno Pereira.

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Meet Carlos Ferreira from Asimov

We invited Carlos, one of our favorite portuguese fuzzers and a friend to our photoshoot and between laughs, talks and beers we asked him a simply question: What's your favorite fuzz? "Wake up in the morning, head out to a park or a garden with a view and let the wind run through my thoughts.", he said. Carlos is the guitar player from Asimov, and trust me, you'll be blown away by their heavy-psych explosions. Have a listen and feel the FUZZ.

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