Aiming for a better world!

Our leather products are handcrafted from post-production waste, rejected leathers from massive productions and old leather that are out of fashion. That's also why our products are unique and we barely make two of the same. We don't produce leather, we don't buy it new. We work with what we can find. Basically we are using the leather that otherwise would have gone to waste. Because of this, our products are not only exclusive, unique and have a soft worn-in feel – they are also a more sustainable alternative to newly produced leather garment and plastic-based faux leather.

We are very far from being mass production business, fast fashion concept, we never aimed for that, in fact we are very much against those kind of production. That's also why we keep our production local and handmade. We search for the leather pieces ourselves, design them, then Vera cuts them and we take it to Ana Paula, the sewer. Because of this, and the fact we use leftovers leather, you can experience some defects on the leather products which makes them more real and human! We also make wallets and pick holders from the vests, bags and jackets leftovers, so we lower the waste of leather. 

The fabrics are purchased from small storage and massive production leftovers. All the t-shirts and shirts are made in small business companies in Barcelos, Portugal. We want to make sure that our products are made in a fair and good working environment. We believe that our products carry a lot of passion and love from the moment that they are designed until they get to you to provide the most happy moments! We really care about the world we live in and we want to contribute for a better one. Support your locals!